Wednesday, September 12, 2012

huh? I didnt know!

So I was trying to figure out the password to our netflix account. the boys wanna watch but for some reason I could'nt remember...
side note: please forgive any and all misspellings, I am used to my iphone and it auto corrects, which is not always a good thing.
I havent been on the computer in so long, I have to look at the key board to type.
lol Sad I know. (sorry, I type like I talk)
I finally figured out my password thing and checked my email, then off to oh blog!!!!
I hang my head in shame. I know I promised I would try to blog.
I decided to read up on some friends, I guess most of my friends dont have time to blog either or share too much on facebook to warrent a blog post.
My friend, lets call her Annie. She BLOGGED FROM HER IPHONE!!!!!!!
I didnt know you could do that!!!!
I am going to figure this out. You may be hearing from me...more.
As for my life, yes, I am still the mother of 6, 7 if you count the big kid aka hubster, as one of them.
 Its kinda funny, when we first married, I was the slob, (no, it was bad), but he has changed his ways. it's like we swapped rolls. He isnt as...tidy... as he used to be. He does get in some anal cleaning binges, and I dont complain. (I am not that stupid.)
Like last Wednesday for instance, I was in the ER and hooked up to IV for antibiotis and pain meds for severe strep throat.
What did I get to do on Friday.....yep, clean my room.
Jeff just started cleaning, I cant just lay in my bed and watch.
I am almost recovered, but the family has caught on and we missed church, all the boys have mssed a day or 2 and my lou bean missed, including today, 4 days of school. She just started last tuesday!!!!! If only the fever would stop and never come back. Now she has a cough!? WTHeck?
my #2 son is home sick too.
Yes, school started, I have a freshmanin highschool, a junior in highschool, a 6th grader, 4th grader, and one in kindergarten. and then one home with me.
huh, I didnt know that I would hate the end of summer and love it all at the same time.
There has been a change in this house, a shift, if you will, this summer was long, boring yet eventful.
The change came from me, I actually saw the #1, #2, and #3 boys as teenagers and not my babies anymore. Dont get me wrong, they will forever be my babies, but they are not the little boys in my eyes anymore.
I have to start teaching the#1 to DRIVE!!!!!
I didn't really realize how scary it is.
To even picture him driving with out me, with all those stupid people driving around.
It hurts my heart.
I am so very sorry mom and dad for scaring you like that. I see it now.
I am so very, very sorry.
and thank you.
 Summer is over, school is in session, I am gonna figure this whole thing out for my iphone.
oh yeah, lou bean broke her arm 6 weeks ago and she got her cast off yesterday. She was standing on the back of the couch, looking out a window at a birds nest and went straight through the screen and out the window. She only went 4 feet onto some bushes. The hero of the day and summer, is my #3 boy. She saw that she had fallen through the window and heard my screaming and didnt even think about it. He ran up to the couch and jumped straight out the window to get her. My hero!!!!!
(yes going out the door would have worked too, but we have issues with our door handle and we couldnt find it. Dont laugh too hard, it has saved us from 2 little 2 year olds sneaking  out the front door).
I have a great bunch of boys.
*deep sigh*