Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

this month so far has been very busy.
My parents got thier mission call. they will be serving a 1 year mission for our church in Des Moines, Iowa.
They are excited to go. We will miss them.
They are renting us thier house for the year for a VERY good deal and we will be moving at the end of March.
Valentines day is today and it is 3 am.
I am up because i spent the day, making hair pretties with my aunt, making her favorite Chicken Divan for dinner and then we made sugar cookies.
I never had time to clean or decorate for Valentines day. so I am up trying to make my house all lovey-dovey for when they wake up.
Am I a realy nice mom, who loves their kids and wants to surprise them ....?
Am I that weird freaky OCD lady who made plans and is determined to get it done because she knows no one will do it for her...or the right way?
I am thinking both,.
..(but really it is the OCD thing)
Okay, falling asleep here.
Now, it is all here... plain and simple.
You will know me now as this determined sort of freaky lady.
I had to change my blog to Valentines stuff, before Valentines day and I am using valuable decorating time to make sure it is done.
Happy Love Day everyone!
I hope you have someone out there who loves you as much as I love my family.
I will try and post pictures of all the things I have done this month.
I am sorry, I didnt feel like checking my grammer.
I am not that OCD.


Jana said...

Have fun moving! Its great you get to save some money on rent! :)